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Parks and Reserves

Parks  & Reserves Port Lincoln Inc.

PH : 08 86 826233     Fax : 08 86 826500


 Secretary: Marion Savage

PO Box 1334

Port Lincoln S.A. 5606

email : saseeds@chariot.net.au


Communities Helping Communities


Parks & Reserves Port Lincoln was formed in 2007 to assist the City of Port Lincoln and other local groups to manage public land in the Port Lincoln area. Group members include councilors, local business people and locals with an interest in the management of community assets.

Our charter of interest includes –

  • Environmental management
  •  Fire risk assessment and management
  • Visual amenity, landscaping and aesthetics
  • Walking and bike trails
  • Pest and weed assessment and controls
  • Coastal amenity
  • Signage – historical and informative
  • Waste management
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Storm-water management
  • Open space management
  •  Playground management

The City of Port Lincoln contains over one hundred parks, reserves and pieces of infrastructure owned and managed by council and the local community. Some, like Eyre Park, Flinders Park and the Tasman Terrace foreshore receive a very high level of management while others such as road reserves and hidden corners may be completely neglected.  The aim of our group is to visit and assess all public assets and lobby or seek funding to improve the quality of those assets.

Some of our achievements include –

  • Hosting an annual combined National Tree Day and Environmental Expo to showcase local community environmental groups and businesses and their achievements.
  • Successful funding applications both state and federal for a total of over $150,000 to remove infestations of woody weeds such as Aleppo pines, Boxthorns, Polygala and Italian Buckthorn from local reserves and to replant those areas back to indigenous species.
  • The development of new cost saving techniques of weed management such as the basal barking of woody weeds.
  • Successful funding applications in partnership with council to build constructed wetlands to prevent polluted storm-water from entering our waterways with the possible future re-use of that water.
  • The inception of the first Youth Conservation Corps team outside of metropolitan Adelaide. The team consists of unemployed people between 17 and 25. They carry out valuable and sometimes dirty work while at the same time encouraging young people to care for and take pride in community assets.

Meetings consist of a one hour site assessment followed by a formal meeting at various venues beginning at 4.30pm on the second Thursday of each month. If you are interested in joining us, please contact our secretary Marion Savage on 0439861793.