Our Mission

Our Mission 


Encourage the formation and incorporation of independent community groups with a focus on sound environmental management, sustainable farming practices, land-care, coast-care and aboriginal custodianship.

Encourage the use of local knowledge and historical context to build a strong consortium of locally based focus groups.

Invite the membership of existing groups and help re-instate groups that are currently in recess.

Provide support for groups and assist access to funding and resources to achieve their aims.

Utilize the strength of numbers of groups to lobby government and industry at all levels and to help attract support, funding and sponsorship.

Provide a networking forum via a website for groups to share knowledge, to interact and showcase their activities and to attract new membership.

Help demonstrate on ground activities based on sound environmental management, farming and industry practices with the effective use of available funds and resources.

Work with all sectors of the Eyre Peninsula community to help develop long term plans based on local knowledge and combined experience that can also be implemented in times of limited funding and resources.

Include aboriginal heritage, custodianship and knowledge to help build and strengthen local knowledge in all activities and to be mindful of significant heritage areas and issues.

Help provide an understanding of significant environmental associations and to improve local knowledge of the connectivity of ecosystems and the effects of industry and development upon that connectivity.

Advocate and lobby for transparency in local, state and federal government for the sustainable long term management of resources within the region.

Provide a strong defense mechanism and on-going support for groups who oppose environmentally unsustainable or extractive operations proposed by developers, big business, mining and government for short term financial gain.




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