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Associate members


Associate members can be individuals or families who have an interest in the environment but are not members of a group. Associate members will receive a monthly email newsletter and access to parts of our website. Annual subscription for individual associate members is $20.00.


Your support will help to assist groups across the Eyre Peninsula to achieve their aims.


Alternatively, if you have a particular interest and cannot find an existing group that you may like to join, you might consider forming a group of your own with like other like minded people.


Forming a group


There are many forms of community groups


  • Land-care – usually farmers or property owners with a similar interest in the sustainable management of soils, pests and weeds or an interest in developing regional management plans for the benefit of the community and the environment.


  • Coast-care – Groups with an interest in marine or coastal management often including members of fishing or aquaculture industries.


  • Friends Groups – Groups with an interest in a particular area. This could be a special patch of bush-land or a particular piece of coastline.


  • Focus or Special Interest groups – eg Plants, animals, birds or a particular species.   


  • Action Groups – Usually people with a common cause who are attempting to influence government or industry to change their practices.


  • Recovery Groups – Like minded people with an interest for the management and recovery of rare and threatened species or ecotypes.


If you are interested in forming a group, but do not know of others with similar interests, please register at with a description of your interest and we will attempt to locate others with a similar interest. We can also supply an info pack about forming a group and assist with formal incorporation.



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