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        Specialising in indigenous plants, seed and re-vegetation works in Western South Australia




               We can also supply

 Tube-stock seedlings and a wide range of potted indigenous plants suitable for broad acre, home garden or landscape use. 

 Visit our extensive native plant nursery at 10 Mallee Crescent, Port Lincoln. Open Monday, Friday and Sat. morning, or by appointment.

 Tree planting aids including, tree-guards, mulch matting, fertilizers, hand planters and “grow your own kits”.



Our other services include

  • Botanical surveys and vegetation assessments
  • Native vegetation clearance application proposals for the Native Vegetation Council of South Australia. (Accredited consultants) Western SA only.
  • Environmental pest and weed identification and management.
  • Bush regeneration strategies.
  • Environmental Management plans and integration with development or property plans.
  • Habitat design and management.
  • Fire hazard reduction and management.


 Revegetation works

  • Site preparation, pest and weed management.
  • Direct seeding and tree planting from the backyard, through to large scale mine and
  • industrial site rehabilitation. (difficult sites are our specialty)
  • Dryland salinity and erosion control works.
  • Agroforestry, Woodlots, Bush-tucker, Quandong, Sandalwood, Oil Mallee, Ti-tree Oil   and Perennial Feedlots.




Established in 1989, Eyre Native Seeds helped to pioneer broad-acre re-vegetation across the Eyre Peninsula at a time when millions of trees needed to be put back into the landscape to halt the spread of dry-land salinity and soil erosion.

 Early equipment was crudely adapted from existing farm machinery. By the mid 1990,s purpose built tree seeders were being developed and the cost of tree establishment had been brought down to as little as a few cents per plant.


By 2000 the war against salinity and erosion had been won and Australian farming was entering a new phase following the establishment of the Land Care movement.

 The staff of Eyre Native Seeds would like to thank landowners and farmers across the Eyre Peninsula who allowed us to carry out experimental forms of tree planting on their properties. Those early works led to the development of new and more effective techniques.


Today, most of the works carried out have a focus on bio-diversity, habitat linkages and replication of original ecotypes. Much of this work is still experimental and one thing we have learned about working with natural systems is that you never stop learning.

We hope to continue to help the people of the Eyre Peninsula with their tree planting and re-vegetation projects.





Eyre Native Seeds and staff are proud to have been associated with one of the largest re-vegetation projects ever attempted in South Australia as part of the Maralinga Rehabilitation Project.         1993 – 2001

To remove nuclear contamination across three sites – Taranaki – Weewak and TM’s, all soil was removed from almost four hundred hectares. The sites were then cleaned with industrial street sweepers to remove any remaining dust.

With all of the soil buried in a massive pit, our job was to cover what was now solid sheet limestone with the original native vegetation.  Ripping the limestone to create some form of seed bed was not allowed as it could expose further contamination.

We used Eyre Peninsula ingenuity and local farming knowledge to develop techniques and equipment to tackle such a challenging site with great success.

Almost nine tonnes of seed from a wide range of local species was hand harvested and sown across the sites using a variety of techniques.

The methods developed during the project have since been further developed to help re-establish Grassy Sheoak Woodland which once covered over half of the Eyre Peninsula.


Modern tree seeding sown into solid rock, replicating the original she-
oak woodland. Sheringa 2011 Sown 2006

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